Tallying the Votes

I am currently in the process of tallying all the votes.

I received them in many ways starting with the blog comments, to twitter direct messages, to e-mails, and to people telling me in person. From what I can tell the three leading web applications that you all want me to build are the technology Skills or Skill Swap repository, the mini adhoc conference information service, and finally the online wine inventory for personal use and to sell to wine stores. Most everyone I talked to personally said I need to do the wine inventory, since I’m knowledgeable and passionate about that one. Hoping to have everything them all tallied by the beginning of next week.

I am also at the same time as doing this, trying to put together one of the first AccessibilityCamp’s, which will take place here in Washington, DC, in the month of October. Going to be looking at a few places in the next week or so to see about using them. I will keep you informed about that too.

My Choices

In case you were wondering my top choices to web applications to build would have been the following in the order listed.

  1. Bookmarking – it’s such a pain with multiple computers at home and work to keep track of bookmarks/favorites.
  2. Wine Inventory – that one is a no brainer.
  3. Mini Adhoc Conference Scheduler – for things like AccessibilityCamp or BarCamp and the like.
  4. and finally Tech Job Skill Repository.


Thanks, again for your voting and encouragement in this endeavor I’m partaking in.

1 thought on “Tallying the Votes

  1. I think the technology skills or skill swap repository is really good for networking, and swapping skills. Billions of web pages created yearly, and so the more people are going to use this. http://jfciii.com/prototypes/tech_skills.html You should similate of what facebook.com and twitter do since you can allow people to add/invite, or follow you…hahaha. Just a thought…the growing community just gets bigger each day.

    About wine inventory, it is for personal use since each store might carry different inventory and tastes since demographics are different from area to area.

    Since you have a problem with keeping track all your bookmarks, here is the online service that does it for free for you. Just create an account and use it online virtually any where you go…buddy..hope that helps. It stores, accesses, shares, etc…virtually…

    here is the link http://www.savethis.clickability.com/

    Ooh by the way, don’t work too late…now…you’ll miss all your weekly meetups.

    Talk to you later,


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