My Friend Tony

Today I met on Zoom with 15 or so friends during an hour-plus lunch to talk about our good friend Tony. Who passed away the Sunday before Christmas.

It was interesting when we all went through things about Tony. Some met him at the Maryland Renaissance Faire. Others knew him from a class they took together many years ago. Others met at a wine store like I did pouring wine. Or at the Washington Wine and Cheese organization or through each other. Or they were  invited to his annual pig roast.

I could go on for a few more blog posts about the pig roast and how this group helped put it on year after year.

Even though there were some tears for many. It was happy tears remembering our friend Tony, a kind soul and a wonderful human being.

The best part was how everyone talked highly of Tony and had many stories. But we had to whittle it down to one or two stories. So we could get them all in before a lot of us had to go back to work.

They talked about his knowledge of words. When he was in high school the librarian, I think it was in study hall, used to make him read the dictionary from start to finish. Or his knowledge of wine and great food.

So here is to keeping the memory of our dear friend Tony going with more of these gatherings. Be they virtual for now until it’s safe to gather as a group.

P.S. At some point earlier today, I realized I had spent more time with most of the people on the Zoom call than my family (my dad, brothers, sisters, and their families) since moving to DC 18+ years ago. Make sure to spend time with family and friends when you can, even it’s on Zoom or the like.