Being Thankful with only 3 Days Left

I’m thankful for a lot o  things this year. Mostly that my mother is doing really well after her operation to remove as much of the ovarian cancer that the doctors could. I’m also thankful that the chemo is going really well. I talked with her just today and she sounds the best I’ve heard her in the last few months.

Enough about that, I mostly started writing this post to remind you that there are only three days left (11/26/2007) for you to place your order for the One Laptop per Child (OLPC).  At this time people in the United States and Canada can give one laptop to a child in an under privileged country and also get one for a child they know back here. This will cost you $400 for the two laptops.

I ordered my the first day back about ten days ago. Instead of going to Future of Web Design in New york City and staying a few days I went to visit my parents and used the money I was going to spend there on getting the OLPC. I still have not quite figured out what I am going to do with my laptop, since I have six nephews and two nieces. I figure I’m going to see what type of tutorials, websites, etc. I can build to use on them. Once that is done I will find it a good home for it.

So, please do what you can and get one or gather your friends together and each pitch in twenty, forty, or even fifty dollars so you can help others that is what Thanksgiving and the holiday season is really about.