Accessibility Chat Yesterday

Yesterday I had I think it’s the third monthly accessibility chat on a Saturday afternoon with those that could make it.

Over the last three months, I have taken some time on a Saturday to chat with people I know and don’t know. It’s been fun seeing people I know that I haven’t seen in months and most likely over a year because of the pandemic.

Meet New People

It’s also been fun to introduce different people I know to each other for the first time. I even had one friend ask if they could get others to come along from social media. I said fine as long as they had people DM them for the link.

I didn’t want to broadcast the link on social media to get people wanting to cause trouble. By doing that, I got to meet a few new people interested in accessibility.

No Topic for Chats

There has been no theme, topic, talk plans, etc. But more to hang out and talk accessibility or whatever comes up. It’s more about building a broader community/connections with people interested in accessibility.

Are others Interested

So I’m looking to see if others are interested in doing more of this and, if so, when. Meaning should we schedule it for the second or third Saturday every month, or is it better to do it every four weeks.

I figure early afternoon on the east coast of the United States could work best. Since it allows those across the pond in Europe or in Africa to attend. It might be a little early for those on the west coast of the country but hoping most will be up by then for the most part.

Please leave a comment on what you would like. Otherwise, I will go with what I have been doing.

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