Need for Change

Over the last few weeks during the first winter of the pandemic, I realized I needed to change my walking routine.

My Typical Walk

Most days at lunch, I walk one or two routes. Then after work, I go out for a longer walk in the neighborhood. I tend to follow the same routes most times.

Doing it this way allows me to see what is new and different in the neighborhood. It is also helpful to see people on your walk to check on how they are doing. That way they even notice you are out and doing well too.

Changing My Walk Route

I have found it’s helpful to change up your walk route. Instead of always going out one and then back can be boring. Especially during the winter when there is nothing new and everything is brown and gray.

So in the last week or so, two different houses in my neighborhood have been torn down. One recently had a basement poured. The new footprint is at least twice as large as the previous house. The new house’s footprint now takes up most of the entire yard.

I have found doing my walk in reverse once in a while has helped. Meaning go in the direction you end in most days and end in the direction you would start.

On My Walk Today

Today on my morning walk, I was partway through my walk and decided to walk up the hill. Doing so allowed me to walk on other streets that I don’t walk on too often. Making this decision added an extra mile to my walk because I had the time today.

To change things up you can walk on the other side of the street for a change of pace.

Different Routes on the Weekend

On my weekends, I get more walking in because I have the time to do so. Plus, going to either the Del Ray Old Town Alexandria Farmer’s markets give me a change of pace. I only go to one per week, but I have time to do both on the other weekends.

When going to a specific place such as the¬†grocery store, farmer’s market, etc., I take the back way there. Which tends to have fewer people to worry about running into people.

You Should Change Your Routes

So make things different when on your walks, go left where you typically go right. Or maybe even skip the walk or the second walk some days.

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