More Sleep

At the start of the pandemic, I started going to bed earlier to got more sleep. So I would feel rested and help my immune system in the process, not knowing what to expect with COVID.

As I ate better and walked more, I didn’t need as much sleep. So  I stayed up later or back to my old time between 11:00 PM and midnight.

With not starting my workday until 9:00 AM, I could stay in bed until closer to then. Even if I woke up at 7:00 AM or before and couldn’t get back to sleep. I would stay in bed and rest until close to 9:00 AM, when I would start my workday.

Instead of reading Twitter or other things on my phone, I stay in bed with my eyes closed and rested most mornings. Which has helped with starting the day more relaxed.

Another positive thing with this year has been I have been getting more sleep. Because my commute is now from one part of the house to another. My commute has gone from about 45 minutes to about 45 seconds each way.

Getting more sleep/rest has helped me cut back on my need for naps on the weekend. Even though I enjoy a good nap on the weekend when I don’t have any plans. I can get more done that way since I took a long nap of a few hours.

3 thoughts on “More Sleep

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  2. Good to know your thoughts on this drastic change in lives due to the pandemic. I too am trying to stay till a bit late, but sometimes I sleep early if I am too tired or if I have a migraine just like I had yesterday. These are trying times for everyone but we have no choice to stay put and just keep going looking for the end of the tunnel which definitely will show up in sometime to come, at least that is the hope. Nice to read your blog!

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