Working at Making Better Use of My Time

I need to start making better use of my time, which means not scheduling every minute. But when I’m out on a lunchtime walk, by starting to outline a blog post. Then on an evening walk working on what I want to say for the blog post. So when I get to writing the post, a lot of the work is done, and it will go faster.

By outlining or writing parts of my blog posts while walking or doing other things, I can get them done quicker. Or maybe even a few ahead when I have time. To make it easier for those times when I don’t make as much time and want to get something out there.

What to Use My Time Doing

I need to figure out what my next thing to learn is and spend time doing that. Be that cooking, farming, raising animals, tiny houses, new coding languages, etc. Or even how to relax or read more.

I have been watching many YouTube and other classes on how to raise my own food, be that plants or animals. Along with watching cooking videos for inspiration and different ways and things to cook.

My reading lately has been from beekeeping to comic books, creativity, to work/business-related. I’m attempting to get more diversified with my reading. Even read a few fiction books this last year or so, which I tend not to do much of before.

What I Have Noticed Taking Classes or Reading

I have noticed when taking training classes or reading an article. Taking handwritten notes has been great. Which tends to make it twice as long to watch or read something. A ten-minute video depending on the content could take 15 or 20 minutes to watch. With stopping and replaying parts to take notes from. I think I’m getting more out of them that way, but I wish it would go faster, is all.


My guess is this will be a work in progress as much of life is to make better use of my time with more to come over the year.

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