More Helpful Information for the OLPC

Today I have found a few more useful resources for the OLPC.

  1. – for bug tracking and source code for the OLPC
  2. – mailing list for the OLPC
  3. – One Laptop per Child News
  4. – USB ethernet adaptors, so you connect the OLPC to the internet without wifi

To the question “Have I been able to get to the internet using the mesh network?”. I have not yet connected to the internet using the mesh network. I have gotten on to the internet using wifi at a few different coffee shop and even to other open wifi hotspot.

To connect to the internet you need to go to the neighborhood page and look for circles that do not have a lock on them. Once you have found one that has as full a circle as possible. If they have a lock on them then you will need to have the password to connect using hotspots. The fullness of the circle indicates how strong the signal is. Next make sure that it is not one of the three different mesh network channels (1, 6, or 11). Now click on the circle you have chosen to see if it connects. You might have to do this a few times to get it to connect. This information is on the how to connect to the internet from the OLPC wiki it is very useful and helpful in much more detail and has images.

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  1. @Justin I am more than willing to get our local developers that have an OLPC together sometime in the near future. If I am thinking correctly at this hour I believe Jackson, Kevin Lawver, and Rodney Degracia all have OLPCs. There might be more that I have forgotten or they have not gotten theirs yet.

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