snOMG – Washington, DC, 2010

Finally, getting my,  great snow storms of Washington, DC, in February, 2010 blog pot out. This storm left even more snow than I was ready for, being from Buffalo, NY. We ended up with about a total of 25 inches of snow over at my house. We ended up backing the all time snow record for DC and a lot of the surrounding areas. The record was back to like 1889 or something like that.

Snow Photos

Here are seven photos I took of all the snow we got in Washington, DC, over the two giant snow storms in February. Starting with ones of my driveway and all the snow I had to shovel to get my car out to the driveway. There are even a few of different other parts of my neighborhood.

The view of snow in my backyard from my deck

View of snow from my deck

Looking down my driveway the first day towards the street

Looking down my driveway towards the street

Large tree branch blocking the road just down the block from me

Large tree branch blocking the road

Pile of snow plowed in front of large branch blocking road

Other side of downed tree branch blocking the road

My side street with three cars covered in snow

My side street

Tree in my front yard being dent over in the weight of the snow

Tree in my front yard with lots of snow

My driveway starting to melt after a few days

Partially melted driveway

What Did You do with Your Snow Days

While the Federal government was closed for the first four days of last week I had to at least work from home or take time off to cover those days. So between shoveling and just getting out of the house for a short bit I was able to do work from home, because of all the software, e-mail (home and work), and IRC chat software.

Mostly spent me time doing different accessibility and usability testing of a new work web application. That’s all I can say about it, sorry. Ended up doing a review of a new micro website and mostly keyboard testing, along with other 508 testing using different adaptive technologies.

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  1. snOMG in indeed wow u guys had alot of snow! we had quite a bit this year in good old england! not as deep as that though it causes major upsets over here no one is prepared for it!

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