Project 52 Plans

I’m still working on my plan of how to complete Project 52, but I first want to thank Anton Peck for coming up with the idea to get himself and others to blog at least once a week for a year. Anton at first thought that maybe 25 or at most 50 of his friends would participate and ended up with over 700 last time I checked the list.

When Anton first came up with the idea on his blog I was all for participating, because I didn’t do a whole lot of blogging last. Instead I attended a few web conferences, ran a few (Accessibility Camp DC and BarCamp DC) with help from others, along with starting a monthly accessibility meet-up here in Washington, DC.

Donate to Charity

In the comments of Anton’s blog post about Project 52 I even talked about why not try and do some good out of all this by donating $10 to charity for ever week I miss blogging, creating code examples, making a “How To” videos of either accessibility related items or whatever. So each quarter I will donate $10 per week of missed blogging to a local charity like Martha’s Table or to Kiva.

Blog Post Ideas

Some of the things I plan on blogging abut this year are listed below:

  • Accessibility related issues and best practices
  • SXSWi – spring-break for geeks in Austin, Texas
  • Access U – accessibility conference in Austin, Texas, put on by Knowility
  • Accessibility Camp DC
  • BarCamp DC
  • Accessibility DC monthly meet-up
  • Food and wine
  • An Event Apart DC – great web standards conference put on by Jeffrey Zeldman and Eric Meyer
  • creating my web application (more to following in a future post)
  • lessons learned from things I have done or from others (friends and experts)
  • book reviews – mostly technology
  • spending more time with friends
  • more writing

So those are some of my ideas for blog posts and plans for the next 50 weeks. Might have to write a few accessibility best practices or code examples posts in advance for times like when I’m at SXSWI for a week and won’t have much time to blog. I already have six or eight subjects with titles and a short outline started from ideas from last year, now to just do the writing and coding required.

Are you planning on doing more blogging this year or just more reading and other work?

Please tell me what you are doing or suggestions for me to do in the comments.

Wish me luck.

2 thoughts on “Project 52 Plans

  1. I started my blog just to see how WordPress work. Once it was up and running, I figured I might as well keep at it. I’ve been blogging ever since with 646 posts since 5/27/07 or 4.5 posts a week on average.

    I have a bunch of code tutorials I want to do and projects I want to release to the world but I need to set-up the infrastructure to really allow it to flourish (threaded comments, SVN repository etc.)

    Blogging is a great habit to get into because you’ll never believe what you were doing when you look back in your archives!

  2. @Russell,

    I started my blog to be able to pass along accessibility tips and tricks, along with other things I was doing in my life.

    Only have done maybe 50 posts in the last the last 2.5 years of blogging, since most of my posts seem to be long winded examples, along with code that needs to be written.

    This year I’m trying to step up what I’m writing along with doing more work, spending time with friends, and work on ways improve the events I’m helping run.

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