Times Running Out Before BarCampDC2

It seems like just the other day that we started planning for BarCampDC2 (like RefreshDC on steroids). When it was actually sometime in the middle of the summer and we never got serious until late August. Time is going by quickly and we only have less than two weeks before the actual event on Saturday October 18, 2008 at CDIA Boston University. I case you missed getting a ticket we are still taking names for the BarCampDC2 waiting list.

We managed to sell out the first set of tickets in about 36 hours, by just using twitter, a few blog posts, and a lot of word of mouth with probably some e-mails sent to friends and co-workers that they should sign up soon.

The even more amazing thing is we have have like 30 local individuals, big companies, and even a few start-ups willing to sponsor the event. They all chipped in a little bit here and some more over there so that you all could come to the event and not have to pay for anything. There are even a few people that are sponsors and will be out of town the day of the event, that’s how much they care about the DC geek community. Here is the list of sponsors we have now, I will update the list as we add more sponsors.

By them making donations you will get to have a continental style breakfast, lunch, snacks and drinks during the day, and a free t-shirt to commemorate the event.

Who knows we might have some extra money left for drink or food after. Not making any promises I have nothing to do with the money except making my contribution.

I would like to thank the following people for their great help so far, Justin Thorp, Shaun Farrell, Peter Corbett, Keith Casey, and others that have here and there.

The final great big thanks you has to go to CDIA Boston University and Bill Chenaille and the schools staff for lending us this great space to have the event in.