Mom Made it Home Yesterday

My mother made it home from the hospital yesterday afternoon. About 8:10 pm I got a phone call from my parents telling me my Mother had made it home. I figured that I was not going to call home until later today, so she could rest up some.

They gave her some chemo on Tuesday while still at the hospital. She said she had to call the doctor early next week to set up her appointment for the next set of chemo for her ovarian cancer that is still there in little bits and pieces in her abdomen.

She told me my aunt and uncle (my father’s sister and husband) stopped and picked up a Wegman’s whole cooked chicken for the four of them. I was not sure if my mom was allowed to eat much solid food yet, since she had intestine and bowel removed. She told me she could eat soft foods,but no steak yet even thou yesterday they gave her a pork chop. I figured that would mean no meats at all.

It was nice to talk to her even for a short time since she is in Buffalo, NY and I’m here in DC.