For the last 13+ years or so I (John F Croston III) have given many accessibility presentations at many different events. The following are the main talks I have presented.

My Slides

My Places to Eat

My friends are always asking me where to eat. I tend to be talking about the unusual little inexpensive and out of the way places to eat.

So I created “Gotta Eat Here” which lists interesting restaurants that I found. Sometimes the restaurant is there for only one dish, a dessert, or the whole menu. NOTE - Any restaurants with an asterisk after their name are ones I'm looking to get too.

General Website Information

You area at the website of John F Croston III. I'm a web developer and accessibility advocate from the Washington, DC area.

Right now, the website is nothing fancy. It's created with only HTML and CSS. Being an old school developer, I used vCard Microformats here along with the “Gotta Eat Here” website.

My blog is full of posts on what I'm up to. Be that accessibility, travel, etc. Along with things I have created or learned, and any other web related items I have found. You will find a bunch of things related to food.

I enjoy web development a great deal. To do my job, I use the following languages, processes, and skills.

  • Accessibility
    • Section 508
    • WCAG 2.0
    • DHS Trusted Testing Process
    • Screen readers
      • JAWS
      • VoiceOver
      • NVDA
      • TalkBack
    • Documents Reviews
      • Word
      • PDF
      • PowerPoint
      • Excel
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Web Standards
  • Validators for HTML, CSS, Links, etc.
  • PHP
  • Microformats

In My Spare Time

I enjoy cooking, great wine, running Accessibility DC, walking, and a lot more.

Lately, I've been learning about cooking, farming/homesteading, growing my own food, fermenting, etc.

I tend to read technical books about accessibility, web, development, user experience, and design.


Here is my resume with a shorter version of my web background or the full version including everything. NOTE - They are in Word for now and I need to create the PDF versions.

You can reach me in the following ways: